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Capt.Avisek Bhattacharjee - General Manager (Business Head)

SSCPL, Passionate People Reliable Systems captures the essence of what we stand for and this belief is the DNA of our Organisation. We are extremely proud of our employees whom we handpicked for their expertise from the Industry background and for their Customer centric attitude. We invest in the growth of our people through various Training programs, Fun at work activities and work-life balance. We strongly believe happy Employees result in happy Customers.

At SSCPL, we follow Industry best practices and adhere to proven Quality and Safety Management system. We use our systematic approach to meet our Customers requirement and provide effective solutions. We value our relationship with all key stakeholders be it our Customers, Vendor partners, authorities and Local communities whom we touch with various CSR initiatives.

We are very proud of where we are today and the future is exciting, we look forward to build a company that will be the leader in every aspect of our business

Seaways Supply Chain Private Limited,
SG 9,10 & 11, Survey No - 209/6B Part,209/7 Part,218/5A Part,218/4
Part,218/6A Part,218/2 Part,218/3(Part),
CHENNAI - 602105 Tamil Nadu,INDIA
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