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Welcome to rewarding careers with SSCPL

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, if you have the right attitude and skillsets, we welcome you to be a part of our team.

There are many reasons why you should look at a long-term career with us. Here are a few unbeatable ones:

  • A great
  • Enviable work-life balance
  • A friendly work atmosphere

Talk to any of our employees and ask them about their experience of working in SSCPL. You are most likely to hear that the enviable work culture is one of the most important.

We take pride in fostering an open and transparent work culture that makes our employees feel cared for and happy. We go by a simple logic - when they are trusted and treated with dignity and respect, not only are they engaged, but are productive.

Leaders here at SSCPL lead from the front, set the objectives and guide and mentor employees to help them succeed. Our people are empowered and have access to all relevant information related to their roles.

We treat our employees with fairness and the transparency creates a strong bonding and trust among all team members and enables them to get the big picture. This results in our people looking at long-term careers, thus helping both the company and individuals to grow.

At SSCPL, we value the time spent by our people at work. We discourage our employees from working beyond office hours and provide facilities and tools that enable them to complete their work on time. The outcome is a positive one for both our customers and our employees. While customers appreciate their requirements being met as per agreed SLAs, our people get to spend more time with their loved ones, leading to happier lives.

We ensure that every employee at SSCPL irrespective of their designation or nature of work, feels respected. We have many friendly and family-oriented initiatives, which strikes the right balance of fulfilling their work commitments while caring for their loved ones.

The result has been a highly engaged team that takes pride in their work and are deeply committed to doing things with passion and a quest for excellence.

Investing in the growth of our employees

Our employees are our most important asset, and we know that if we help them to grow, the company will automatically grow too!

To meet the needs of a rapidly changing business environment, we provide learning and development opportunities for our people. We encourage them to constantly upskill and learn new competencies, through a combination of on-the-job and structured training programs.

We interact regularly with our employees, provide feedback to them to proactively identify areas of improvement and provide appropriate interventions in the form of training and guidance.

Fostering an environment of celebration and teamwork

One of the core values of SSCPL is Teamwork & Collaboration. To this end, we focus on building an environment of appreciation and celebration.

Birthday celebrations, team-building activities, games, tournaments, appreciation notes from peers and accolades from superiors are all part of the many activities that we conduct to have fun at work and build camaraderie.

Employee Engagement

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