Seaways Supply Chain Private Limited, offers you a range of strategic Supply chain Solutions catering your needs. Our end to end platform allows our consumers to save time and costs to gain competitive advantage

Welcome to SSCPL your gateway to hassle-free and effective Supply Chain Management. It helps Indian and South Asian traders to connect with the global supply chains in a cost effective way. SSCPL Warehouse Solutions acts as a hub for low costs exports, imports and re-exports“ thereby benefiting the exporters and importers in a big way. By and large, SSCPL offers benefits equivalent to global Free Trade Zones in Singapore or Jebel Ali.

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The SSCPL comes with its own Supply Chain solutions that can be tailored to specific client requirements that consist of wide range of options which brings value addition to our Customers with every aspect of it.

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SSCPL has a strong presence in important locations across India. We are expanding our footprint rapidly to offer world-class services to more clients across the country
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